CrypTocurrency Coin (CTC) Is The Most Powerful Blockchain Project For Changing The Cryptocurrency Trading Ecosystem...

CTC:Presale will start after....

Target : CTC aims to become the first digital system in cryptocurrency trading in the World.

CTC stands for decentralized payment system .CTC changes the cryptocurrency trading system in online . aims to become the first digital system in cryptocurrency trading in the World.
CTC expects to be the one of the most stable coins on exchange(s) .
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About CrypTocurrency Coin (CTC)

CrypTocurrency Coin (CTC)

CrypTocurrency Coin (CTC) is a peer-to-peer electronic monetary system based on cryptography like Bitcoin. It exhibits properties similar to physical currencies (such as dollars or coins), however what makes it distinct is that it allows for instantaneous transactions and borderless transfer-of-ownership. As all the payments are processed through secured servers, so that users no need to worry about any risk involved, it is the most userfriendly system that allows your trust and control over it. CrypTocurrency Coin (CTC) is accessible and available wherever and whenever you are in need, no limits, no bounderires, which means you can purchase or sell products and services, transfer money to your family and friends at an extremely low cost by an instant confirmation network without any interruption.

CrypTocurrency Coin (CTC) is a cryptocurrency designed for people and for everyday use. It improves upon the original Ethereum blockchain and aims to fulfill its initial purpose of providing individuals and businesses with a fast, efficient and decentralized way of making direct transactions while maintaining your privacy. It is 100% open-source software and not a private company funded through an ICO . Development and marketing effort is supported by thousands of volunteer community members. CTC stands for Decentralized Payment System. A focus on community and securing assets from intrusion is the goal. Innovative outreach and mass adoption along with developing an ecosystem for others to contribute to blockchain is our long-term goal. Our aim is to help our users from wasting their time checking virtual machines and wallets the whole day.

CrypTocurrency Coin (CTC) is created by a big team with a remarkable vision, that is, to create a crypto-currency that can meet the requirements of a real world currency. Hundreds of years of central banking have compounded the world economy with instability, crony-capitalism, drawn out wars, colossal governments, and an unsustainable system of government backed fiat. The tides are beginning to change, and the rise of decentralized currencies. To meet these expectations, CrypTocurrency Coin (CTC) is created to ensure that the fundamental principles of currencies are met; it must be a unit of account, divisible, stable, and accepted. The CrypTocurrency Coin (CTC) management team and community are obsessed with meeting these requirements, especially acceptance, which we believe is the staple of any successful currency. Except we plan to do that without force and government backed "legal tender" laws, our goal is to create a voluntary, competitive, and widely accepted free market currency.

Payment Processor

CrypTocurrency Coin (CTC) will be featured on Coinpayments soon following our listing on cryptopia ,hitbtc, and more . Coinpayments is a premium payment gateway used by thousands of businesses to conduct e-commerce in cryptocurrency. Coinpayments can be the right fit for your business to start using and accepting CrypTocurrency Coin (CTC).

Coin Specification

The issued tokens will be Specified as follows:

Coin Full Name : CrypTocurrencyCoin

Coin Alogorithom : scrypt (POW/POS)

Coin abbreviation : CTC

Maximum Coin Supply : 300,000(3 lakhs) CTC

Coin base maturity : 50 blocks

POW block reward : 50 CTC

Block spacing : 1 minute

Minimum Stake age : 5 Days

Maximum Stake age : 30 Days

Presale : Coming Soon
1st Round : Coming Soon
2nd Round : Coming Soon
3rd Round : Coming Soon
4th Round : Coming Soon
5th Round : Coming Soon

Call To Action ( CTA )

We bring CrypTocurrency Coin (CTC) for improving & changing the crypto-currency trading system in crypto market. is going to be opened crypto-currency trading very soon. ( is like ). We hope that the future value of every CTC will be above $1000.00 ( 1 thousands ) in 2021. Remember, the total supply of CTC is 300,000 ( 3 lakhs ) only.




Investors will be glad to know that CTC gives chance to your preferred platform covered.You can Download CTC wallet for Android Tor Wallet,Windows Tor Wallet,Windows Tor CTC Wallet,OSX Tor QT Wallet ,OSX Tor CTC Wallet,Linux Tor CTC Wallet,Linux Tor QT Wallet.After completing ICO , you can download from .


Trade on a suite of powerful trading platforms designed to meet the demanding needs of active traders looking for maximum performance, flexibility and speed. Exchange between all popular currencies with a couple of clicks.Instant send from CTC to another cryptocurrecy or another to CTC. CTC takes pride in bringing a trading opportunities at one place. Trade CTC with full control of your funds. As we are safe and simple with stable wallets .


Investors will be glad to know that CTC gives chance to mine instantly. Mine CTC and start earning rewards with your computing talents. . Miner is a highly efficient piece of mining equipment specially designed for CTC mining. Miners are connected to pools. There are many pools so allows you to connect to ones you choose. This allows you to find the most profitable combinantion.


Forex known as foreign exchange, Currency trading, is a decentralized global market where all the world's currencies trade. The forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the world with an average daily trading volume.

Merchant Service

After completing ICO , We give merchant tools for all users . Instant CTC checkout with easy to use cart plugins , advanced buttons, invoice builder, and an API for custom integrations.So off all site proudly accept CTC Currency as a method of payment for their goods and services.

Safe and Secure Platform

With extremely safe, secured and reputed payment channels, traders have guaranteed transfers of the funds. Transparent mechanism of charges and commissions make it the safest peer to peer online exchange .

CTC inventor's Big Chance

We bring CrypTocurrency Coin (CTC) to win utilizing the power of digital platform for Mining, lending and exchanging. The first few who invested in Bitcoin made an excellent investment. Now you have the chance to be one of the first investors in CrypTocurrency Coin (CTC). Investing now can make a change, and a profit for you in the process. Our mission is to empower people around the world by bringing blockchain transactions . CrypTocurrency Coin (CTC) makes it possible to engage in direct transactions quickly, efficiently and privately..

Development of CTC Platform
(Road Map)

  • (step-1)

    (Jun - July : 2018)

    Brain Storming & Concept Development.

    (July - August : 2018)

    Market Research..

    (September : 2018)

    CrypTocurrency Coin (CTC) Ltd officially takes control of the CTC project.

    (October : 2018)

    Complete The WhitePaper & Landing page .

  • (step-2)

    (November-December : 2018)

    ICO opens and start from $0.20 (USD)/CTC.

    (January : 2019)

    After completing The ICO, CTC upgrades blockchain network to handle larger volumes of transactions.

    (January : 2019)

    Upgrade App into DAPP, with reliable transaction data stored in the CTC’s blockchain layer.

    (January : 2019) will be ready for trading altcoins.

    (January : 2019)

    CTC will be listed on our site & Listed On Coinmarket Cap.

    (February : 2019)

    CTC will be listed on cryptopia , hitbtc and (Ability to trade in fiat currency).

  • (step-3)

    (February : 2019)

    CTC will be listed on Coinpayments.

    (February : 2019)

    Android Mobile Miner launched.


    Much more features will be added on day dy day

Distribution of Tokens

The issued tokens will be distributed as follows:


For participants of Pre-Sale and ICO


Reserved for Mining.


Reserved for the Team's.


Reserved for the the Advisor's.


Bounty campaign.

Prices of CTC

Presale Coming Soon

Presale price will be $0.2/CTC .

1st Round Coming Soon

1st Round price will be $0.25/CTC .

2nd Round Coming Soon

2nd Round price will be $0.3/CTC .

3th Round Coming Soon

4th Round price will be $0.35/CTC .

4th Round Coming Soon

4th Round price will be $0.4/CTC .

5th Round Coming Soon

5th Round price will be $0.5/CTC .

#After completing ICO, the value of CTC will reach the price 1 CTC = $1.00 for exchanging/trading in exchanger site ( , cryptopia , , hitbtc etc.. ) . CTC trading stars from $1.00 ..


With the help of CTC Team, we will fulfill our commitment, we have organized our Team as below:

Samuel Kilburn

Founder of CTC

20+ years of experience in e-commerce & 7+ in cryptocurrency. He was the best investor & traders in BTC , ETH & XRP market.

Yuen chen

Founder & CEO

8+ years of experience in cryptocurrency. He has vast knowledge in share market & trading cryptocurrency.

John Williamson

CEO & Lead Blockchain

7+ years of experience in cryptocurrency. He has vast knowledge in share market & trading cryptocurrency.

Haris Morgan

CTO & Senior Developer

Developer and entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience. Focus on the creation of Blockchain infrastructures.

William Ledger

Blockchain Specialist

Experience in blockchain alogorithm.

Anthony Rusell

Vice President Controlling

Experienced project manager & controller.

Robert Downey

Blockchain App Developer

Expert in strategy development and post-merger integration.

Robert Collin

Community Management

Communication expert with experience in building-up decentralized digital communities.


Tom britley

Board Advisor

Vision-driven entrepreneur with career-long record of business growth and innovation.

William Peter

Foundation Advisor

Over 10 years experience in financial consulting.

Wang Deng

CTC Advisor

Over 10 years experience in financial consulting.

Adrian Swan

Digital Advisor

Serial entrepreneur and expert for digital business models and products.

Edmund Lowell

Secretary General

Juan Zhong

Investment & Strategy Advisor

Theresa Zeng

Investment & Tech Advisor

Amanda Jessy

Chief Product Manager


CTC Partners

CTC Global Ratings

CTC has been published & rated by the most international reputable blockchain trackers.Their ratings are based on website, project idea, product, team, and white paper.


CTC Exchange

CTC has been listed on several exchanges. An exchange is an institution, organization, or association which hosts a market where cryptos, stocks, bonds, options and futures, and commodities are traded. Buyers and sellers come together to trade during specific hours on business days. With respect to cryptos, the markets are open 24/7/365. Exchanges impose rules and regulations on the firms and brokers that are involved with them. If a particular crypto is traded on an exchange, it is referred to as "listed".Cryptos that are not listed on an exchange are sold OTC (short for Over-The-Counter). Cryptos that have shares traded OTC are usually smaller and riskier because they do not meet the requirements to be listed on a stock exchange..

CTC Exchange

Off all trader's know that cryptocurrencies trading is not so easy. But our exchanger site gives you simple to use, fast and secure. Deposit, trade or withdraw off all major coins, trading pairs and new cryptocurrencies within minutes. We have also dynamic charts, coin's information & much more opportunity here. After ICO ends, an external trading floor will be opened so that you can buy and sell your coin's. This is the time that you could earn a great profit, you could either hold your coin's for lending and staking or sell it to earn profit. CTC Exchange is always available to meet your trading demand, you can trade CTC on CTC Exchange or other exchanges.

Please click here to see the trading sectoin

For Trading,CTC Is Going To Be Listed On....

After Completing ICO

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App For Android/IOS

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