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Trading (Coming Soon)

How do I trade?

To start trading on the Ctchouse Exchange you first need funds in your account.

How do I cancel my order?

'Instant Buy' and 'Sell Orders' cannot be cancelled once you have clicked the 'Buy XXX' or 'Sell XXX' buttons. 'Open Orders' can be cancelled if you have not received any trades on them. If you have received partial trades, you can cancel the remaining...

Can anyone trade on Ctchouse?

Absolutely! Ctchouse welcomes everyone from anywhere in the world. All users must have a valid working email address.

What is a Buy or Sell Order?

Buy and Sell Orders are placed by users to trade between two coins on our 'Exchange' which is a trade pair market. This is how all trading between coins on Ctchouse are performed.

How do I buy Cryptocurrency?

Ctchouse Exchange allows you to buy many cryptocurrencies through our several active base markets (BTC, USDT, CTC, LTC, and ETH). To start, you will need to have some cryptocurrency in your account to be able to trade. If you have cryptocurrency elsewhere,...

Why hasn't my trade completed?

If there is an 'Open Trade' cryptocurrency order on your account, your Trade will not completed until another user chooses to trade at the coin price you have set. PLEASE NOTE: Ctchouse does not buy or sell your cryptocurrency coins, we simply provide...

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